Russian Fairy Tale
Collector's Plates.
by Villeroy and Boch.

The Snowmaiden.

A fine porcelain decorative plate that depicts the central character in the "Legend of the Snowmaiden" , also known as "Snegurochka". Illustrations are based on the original artwork of Boris Zworykin, who was born in 1872. The turn-of-the-century originals are today housed at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art . Zworykin's work is a prime example of the Russian art of ornamental illustration, and is heavily influenced by the traditions of Russian icon painting. The reproduction of this sublime image onto porcelain involves the faithful transfer of the artist's sensitive brushwork and brilliant colors. It is comprised of 28 individual colors and edged in gold. It comes gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity. These 6 1/2" diameter plates were made (at the time) in West Germany by Heinrich Porzellan - Villeroy and Boch. Edition was limited to 21 firing days.
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2nd edition plates

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