Genuine Orenburg Shawls

For centuries, the Orenburg region of Russia has been famous for its finely knit, down-hair lace shawls.
Made from a blend of warm white silk and indigenous Orenburg goat down hair (the thinnest in the world),
similar to cashmere or mohair, each is an original, hand woven piece of art.

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Only 1 Available

Only 1 Available
Embellish your shawl with a
beautiful hand painted Russian lacquer brooch!
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39x39" Authentic handmade Orenburg "pancho" shawl. Made before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Warm white. [OSH33] Click image for closer look.
Only 1 Available

Pictured at left is a beautiful shawl from Pavlovsky Posad, near Moscow, with silkscreened patterns and striking colors and a long hand-knotted fringe. The image of the Nikitsky Monastery is screene onto this unique silk shawl. The monastery is in Pereslavl-Zalessky - one of the ancient villages that form Russia's "Golden Ring." Fabulous long fringe. es 36"x36" (size approximate and doesn't include fringe). Colors are blue, gold, and brown, with sonme green and violet. Only 1 is available. Click on image for a closer look.
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