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     It is a Russian tradition to create and use beautifully decorated eggs to symbolize life and the promise of the future. Peter Carl Faberge, the world renowned Russian court jeweler and purveyor of elegance to the Tsar, took this tradition to the highest of levels. Some would say that he achieved perfection with his designs and production values. We don't have the genuine article from the era of Peter Carl, but we do offer a variety of unique and one-of-a-kind Russian eggs. Here you will find exquisite hand-painted icon eggs, termed ovo-art, depicting Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, and many of the holy saints. Of course, we also have a collection of fanciful folk art painted eggs . And, getting back to Peter Carl Faberge, we have miniature bejeweled enamel egg boxes reminiscent of classic Faberge designs.

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Russian Easter Eggs
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