Russian Folk Art

      Russian folk art embodies both traditions and values held by the Russian people and the beauty and majesty of the Russian land. Talented artists are masters at crafting delightful and wonderful toys, boxes, dolls and lacquerware that provide a link to the past, using designs, techniques and shared cultural experiences and beliefs. Folk art ranges from the world famous Matryoshka nesting dolls and playful Bogorodsk bear carvings to colorful and exotic golden Khokhloma and stunning lacquer miniatures. We invite you click on any image below to see how the "living" folk art of Russia helps to preserve her deep-rooted historical identity. To begin, please click on one of the many of the images or use the links below.

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Fine Russian Lacquer
Miniature painting
at its finest!

Collectible Dolls
Russia, Poland
Ukraine and Belarus

Wood Carvings
From Bogorodsk!

Christmas Carvings
Highest quality from Bogorodsk!

Popular Matryoshka Dolls
Comprehensive selection
of old and new!

Golden Khokhloma
Vintage woodenware
from the Volga!

Fine Art Gallery

Whimsical Toy Figures
Hand crafted
wooden toys!

Old and Vintage
Folk Art

Colorful Clay Art
from Kovrov

Near the Klyazma River
in the Vladimir Oblast!

Folk Art
of Eastern Europe
Belarus, Poland
Bulgaria and more!

More Folk Art
Gorodets, Zagorsk, Rostov
Gzhel Majolica and Kholmogory!

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