Christ Washing the Feet of His Apostles
"Омовение Христом ног ученикам".

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      Washing of the Feet of The Disciples. "Омовение Христом ног ученикам". (Based on the 16th century Pskov School of iconography.) Christ washed the feet of His disciples as an example of the virtue of humility, a combination of modesty and respectfulness. The Russian Orthodox Church still practices the Ritual of Washing Feet on Holy and Great Thursday, when the ceremony takes place at the end of the Divine Liturgy. Ablution by Christ of His disciples' feet is described only in the Gospel of John (John 13:1-15). Here, seven of His disciples are seated before Him. Christ holds a towel and dips it into the bowl of water before Him. In this icon, Christ is washing the feet of Peter. A beautiful and uncommon Russian icon box with many detailed figures. Palekh, 1989. Signed by the artist: Y. Endin. Hinged papier-mache box, egg tempera paint, clear lacquer. 3¼"x2¾"x1¼". [#8-LQBX] 1 only

At the top left of the box you'll find an slight imperfection in the lacquer, a crack about 1¾" in length running horizontally. Two smaller cracks at the bottom are barely visible. For this reason this beautiful painted lacquer box has been heavily discounted, making it a great buy.

REDUCED 65% off! (discount applied upon checkout)

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