Dulevo (Dulyovo) Porcelain Works, 1970s
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     Sivka-Burka tells the story of young Ivan, who alone of three brothers, out of respect of his late father, prays over his grave. He is rewarded with a mighty flying horse "Sivka-Burka". An element of the fantastic has Ivan climbing in one horse's ear to emerge from the other a handsome prince! Elena the Fair has camped out at the top of 12 pillars and will reward any suitor who can jump high enough to grab her ring. Ivan accomplishes this but disappears back into his former peasant self. Elena does indeed recognize Ivan and marries him. 8" tall. [#DUL-SB1]
The Dulevo (Dulyovo or Dulevskiy) Porcelain Works is a famous Russian (and prolific former Soviet) porcelain manufacturer. It was founded in the Dulevo wasteland (now Likino-Dulyovo) in 1832 by peasant/merchant Terenty Kuznetsov, a name synonymous with Russian porcelain. Kuznetsov built factories, while Dulevo worked out of shops. Kuznetsov also bought up the competition, for example, Gardner, and established a "porcelain empire", controlling 50% of all output, including Dulevo. In 1918, the Kuznetsov factories were nationalized but quickly returned to their traditional folk-art designs, though for a time the name was changed to Pravda (Truth). These designs, interrupted only by WWII, again became a part of the forms and product of Dulevo in the 1950s and 1960s. The factory expanded and produced many pieces for both the domestic and export markets.

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